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Good morning everyone! It has been more than 4 months since we touch based- and I know I have been getting so many facebook posts and messages and emails asking where I was. So the last four months I was on vacation. Yes a 4 month vacation indeed! I just had to escape from this frigid cold and the midwest winter that my family and I took to Australia to spend the winter months there.

It was summer time in Australia and so was hot and sunny with an average temperature of 80 degrees! Anyway I did miss you (atleast most of you) and am glad to be back and continue our popular blog on dental practices and clinics.

One of the 1st things I did on my return was visit my good friend Mary who is a dentist in Ann Arbor. I was surprised to see that she had actually upgraded her lifestyle rather drastically. She had purchased two new cars – a Jaguar and a Mercedes Benz, and had also gone to Singapore for a 2 week vacation. Obviously I was happy, but was curious how she could afford all this suddenly.

Apparently it turns out her dental practice was doing extremely well and she had even doubled her customer base in 4 months. Now thats a good growth for any business, much less a dental office. She being a general family dentist, had made a smart move. She observed that there was a growing base of young couples and families with small kids, and realized there is a need for good pediatric dentists (kids dentist). Since she did not specialize in pediatric dentistry, she quickly reached out to a licensed pediatric dentist and started advertising her clinic as a full fledged dental clinic featuring both adults and kids.

In no time whatsoever, her clientele started growing exponentially since now, couples would bring there kids to her partner , and then have their teeth cleaned and taken care of by her.  So all in all, it was a win-win situation for both her and her patients.

I have given below a cool video she uses to advertise her dental clinic in TV and other mediums like Youtube and WebMD.


As an Ann Arbor dentist, Mary is actually fast becoming a valuable asset to the community by providing good service to the members.



Dentists and advertisements

Advertising in the 21st century!

In this age and time, the trends in advertising and marketing have changed big time. Businesses, small and big have to either catch the latest effective method or be left behind. Gone are the days when advertising in billboards on the highways was effective. Spending millions in TV advertisements are the thing of the past. Now, with internet marketing and mobile apps , companies are forced to come up with innovative methods just to survive the competition and beat the next new start-up.

Enter Search Engine Optimization and Facebook ads. A whole new industry has been created centered around helping businesses market and advertise their services via the internet. SEO or SEM as it is sometimes is referred to, is an effective way of getting your website be found easily in the search engines.

Dentists and Dental businesses are increasingly turning to Search Engine Marketing companies to help market and reach more customers. Every major city in the United States has more than half a dozen SEO companies. But how do you decide which is the best or right marketing firm for your dental business?

There are few ways to figure this out.

1. Word of Mouth – do you know any of your colleagues, or friends who has used the services of an SEO company and can refer you to them?

2. Do your research – if you have the time, you can research into the top 5-6 companies online and zero in on the one that suits your company the best. Of course this is time consuming and not many dentists have the luxury to do this.

3. Put an ad and wait for SEO companies to reach out to you. This is also a tried and tested method.

One of the dentists in Detroit Michigan area who is a subscriber of our Dental TV channel Madmundo TV recently had a SEO firm doesign her website and also do SEO for her website. She saw a 50% increase in new customers to her practice in the next 3 months which she directly credits to the work this company RightKey Solutions performed . This company is a SEO company based in Detroit and is pretty well renowned in the local circles. This Detroit SEO company can really help you  and your business. You can see their ad video below.

Google is the largest search engine in the internet and 90% of all searches are performed here. Billions of search terms are keyed in every month and if your dental practice comes up on the first page of google for the local search term of “city+dentist”, you will survive and even thrive in this economic times.

Here is an in-depth article on what search engine optimization is.


Bottom line, it is no longer enough for dental professionals to be good in their own field . To run a business, they should also be savvy enough to know how to market their services effectively and be knowledgeable of the latest trends in advertising. A good SEO firm is an asset these days for this purpose and well worth the cost they charge. If you pay them $1000 a month for their services, and they bring you only 1 new client a week, thats a mimimum $8000 a month of new revenue on an average.

Good health is linked to Dental health

Dental Health and its effect on overall health

Recent studies and investigation has proven the long held belief that the overall health is linked to the way we take care of our teeth. It has been long observed that people with good teeth and people who take care and maintain their teeth on a daily basis seemed to enjoy a better quality of life with regards to health and fitness. Though it was suspected that taking care of teeth contributed to good health and disease-free life, only recently has science been able to prove it.

Doctors in the University of California and University of Texas have conducted a study for the last 10 years, where they observed two sets of people every week for ten years. One set of people were asked to take extra care of their teeth on a daily basis. These people brushed, flossed and cleaned their teeth every morning and evening and also after every meal. The other set of people were asked to go about their daily life normally.

The 1st of people who took extra care of their teeth were observed to enjoy a higher quality of health. During winters and the flu season, only 10% of this set of people contracted the flu. Their self image also seemed to have improved and some of them enjoyed promotions in their job and recognition by their peers and superiors. But the most important factor was that their cholesterol numbers and blood pressure numbers got to the levels of someone 10 to 15 years their juniors!


The other notable observation was that these people also started exercising more and were careful of the kind of foods they ate. They seemed to genuinely take pride in the kind of food they started ingesting. The second set of people were actually observed to have poorer health and also elevated levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. Some of them developed knee pain and joint pain and got tired easily. The percentage of those who gained weight also increased slightly.

The future of dental health

While the study does not prove anything scientifically, it cannot be argued that there is indeed a link between dental health and overall health.  With advancements in dental care and the increase of sophisticated technology and tools in the dentistry industry, taking care of your teeth has become easily accessible to the common man. Procedures like root canals and implants have become more common and more standard.

Celebrities and wealthy people have taken to cosmetic dentistry  to enhance their looks and this has increased the awareness in the common man.


Make sure you have access to a good dentist and check them out before you become their patient. A good dental practice will have some of the advanced technical tools and be in sync with the latest progress  in the industry!

Routine Dental Care Practices for Oral Health

In a lot of major cities in Michigan, you will surprised to see that the importance of dental care is not stressed early on in a child’s education. In major cities like Detroit, Southfield and Ann Arbor, some schools do not even cover this as a subject in the curriculum.

Dental care in Southfield is a combination of practices involved in maintaining the mouth and teeth of human beings. The common practices for family dental care are tooth brushing and flossing. Dental care is responsible for the health of our teeth and the general face appearance. The look on your face is the first impression that people will notice. In a major city like Southfield or Detroit, a smile will even land you a job! Your smile is important to your beauty. You may be struggling with how to take care of your oral health. The following are the tips proper dental care. One of the best places to learn about proper techniques is this site.


Clean teeth are the beginning of oral health. Brushing your teeth ensures tooth surface. It also cleans area where the gum and teeth borders each other. You should brush your teeth twice per day and take your time to do it. Fluoride toothpaste and toothbrush with gentle bristle are recommended during brushing. The brush you use should fit your mouth. When your gums are affected with a mild gum disease, you should use electric or battery operated toothbrush. They can also help you brush your teeth when you are suffering from arthritis.

When brushing, hold the brush at a slanting angle and gently brush with short back-forth motions. Brush all the surfaces of your teeth. Ensure to rinse the toothbrush with water, allow it to air-dry and store it in an upright position. Replace your toothbrush or the head of the electric operated toothbrush once the bristles are fray.


There are areas, such as under the gum-line and between the teeth, where toothbrush cannot reach and they require the use of a floss to remove plagues and the food particles. Floss daily and make sure to break 18 inches of the floss before you use it. Hold the floss between your thumb and index finger and gently slide it up and down in between your teeth. Curve the floss against one tooth when it reaches your gum-line. Rub the floss gently against the side of a tooth. To progress to the next tooth, you need to unwind fresh floss. You can use interdental cleaner in case you find it difficult to use floss.

Other methods

Some of the additional practices include mouth rinsing, use of agitator and proper nutrition. Mouth rinse or antimicrobial mouth rinse that contains fluoride promotes the health of your teeth and mouth. An oral agitator uses a stream of water under pressure to dislodge food particles between your teeth that are not be dislodge by flossing and/or brushing.  Avoid using toothpick and any object that can cause injury to your gums. Avoid sugary food as the facilitate tooth decay.

Having a good Southfield dentist is important as they help to prevent dental diseases such as gum disease and tooth decay. A good dentist in Detroit city is also available in DetroitCityGuide website.  This saves you time and money you could have spent on dentist. Brushing and flossing creates fresh breath and hence makes you confident when talking in any conversation. Proper dental care makes your teeth brighter, thus enhance your facial appearance. Maintain a daily routine dental care for healthy and strong teeth.